Tips and Hints for Ordering Signs

Tips and Hints for Ordering Signs
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Note: Before spending thousands of dollars and not getting the effect and the response that
           you would like. Learn how to do OUTDOOR marketing. Please read the information below!
           These pointers are made to improve visibility of your signs and effectiveness.
          Consider these factors! To get the most  response out of your advertising dollar you must
          understand a few rules.
Must attract attention
Must be simple clear and to the point
          3.Phone number is easier to remember versus web address or directions.
          4.Color choice is very important.  


            HERE IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT WE PREACH (Your price for this sign will not change)

 how to make signs, tips on making signs


Opaque or not?

- Go with a standard size!!

12"x16" vs 18"x24" Sign

Smaller signs might be cheaper, but 18"x24" sign is a most common yard sign for a reason.
Anything smaller than 18"x24" usually isn't effective for moving traffic.

- Stick to 3 Line Rule

3 line sign vs 5 line rule

Customers tend to put as much as  information possible on their signs, but the golden rule says: 3 lines make your yard signs effective.

- Upgrade to 2 colors

2 color sign on a short wirestake vs 1 color sign on a long wirestake

2 color sign is a perfect choice if you are trying to have professional signs and have a good price at the same time. Full color signs get to be pricey, while one color signs usually don't have that "professional look" that we try to present.


Reversed  print!!                                               Full Bleed!!



Are you a local politician who is looking to run for office? If you are, you and your staff may currently be in the process of developing your campaign, if you have yet to already do so. When it comes your political campaign, it is important that you use yard signs to your advantage. In fact, political signs are a vital component of a successful election campaign.

As important as it is to know that political signs can help your campaign for office, it is important to familiarize yourself with them and their proper uses. Before your staff runs around town handing out your campaign signs, there are a few important points that you will first want to take into consideration. These points, a few of which are outlined below, can allow you to use campaign signs to their fullest extent.

When relying heavily on political signs, it is important to choose the right sign. You will find that you, literally, have an unlimited number of options. Many politicians choose from standard designs, while others prefer to customize. No matter which option you choose, it is important that your signs are colorful, easy to read, and locally unique. If your signs are unattractive in appearance, unreadable, or too similar to other campaign signs around town, your campaign signs may actually end up causing more harm than good.

Another important point that you will want to take into consideration is distribution. While many of your supporters will ask for your yard signs, you and your staff should also distribute them to voters in or around your community. When doing so, it is important that you keep location in mind. Ideal locations for campaign signs are busy roadways, namely ones where the speed limit is at a low to medium speed. You will also want to target walkers, as well as drivers, as they are more likely to stop and thoroughly examine your signs. That is why your political signs should be distributed to homeowners and business owners that live near schools and parks.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to take into consideration, when looking to use campaign signs to your advantage. As a reminder, political signs can be a helpful tool, but only if properly used. If you are not careful, your campaign signs can cost you time and money, without the payoff of success.

Yard signs are not aimed at the party faithful but rather the undecided swing voters who often determine elections. The campaigns are appealing to their desire to be on the winning team. The more signs we see for a particular candidate, the more support we assume that candidate has.

"If I see a lot of the yard signs I think, 'Well, someone else thinks they're doing the right thing, too,'" said a woman in St. Paul.

There are so many yard signs along the streets these days, I'm not sure if there is a run on the real estate market or just run-on sentences regarding my voting options.

Everywhere I look, yards are filled with three, four and five signs. I don't know who is running or whom these particular households support. I try to see them from an artistic bent -- the abstract decorating perspective -- but their design or lack thereof requires too much of my creative energy.

In my neighborhood, there is one sign that has five different candidates' photos and names. I have to study this one too hard to see whatever it is I'm supposed to see. Try to do that while driving by and the sign you miss is the one saying "dangerous curve ahead." How apropos to all the misleading campaign ads.




Tips and Hints for Ordering Signs