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Custom signs, Custom Sign,

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Custom signs, Custom Sign,

In societies where literacy is not widespread, such signs are necessarily primarily based on images rather than words.
Since the rise of mass  literacy, such signs generally include the name of the business, often in the form of a logo, but
also continue often to use Signs come in various shapes and forms, and each custom sign has the purpose of
identifying or attracting business for the sign owner displaying the sign. Commercial Customized signs are generally ordered and
purchased by the owner of the business indicated on the sign.
Many large corporations however, such as beverage makers and oil companies, provide signs free-of-charge to business
environments where the corporationís competitive products may be sold. In a drinking establishment, for example, numerous
small neon signs might be located on the wall, each advertising and suggesting that the patron drink that corporationís product.
Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience.
This is typically manifested in the form of way finding information in places such as streets or inside/outside of buildings. 

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Sizes below  are used for stand by traffic.
(At traffic light parking lots and subdivisions).  

  Sizes below  are used for Hwy traffic.
(At speeds above 45 mph and long distance).  
Custom Signs Sizes
Get Price 12"x16"
  Custom Signs Sizes
Get Price 32"x48"
  Get price 12"x18"  Get price 48"x48"
  Get price 12"x24" 4x8 signs
Custom signs
Sizes below  are used for slow traffic.
(15to35 mph)
Sizes below are used as billboard.
(Long distance and high impact).
Custom Signs Sizes
Get Price 16"x24"
Custom Signs Sizes
Get Price 48"x60"
  Get price 18"x24"   Get price 48"x72"
  Get price 24"x24"   Get price 48"x96"
election road signs 4x8 signs
Sizes below  are used for medium traffic.
(35to45 mph)
 Custom Signs Sizes
  Get Price 24"x32"
  Get price 24"x36"  
  Get price 24"x48"  
  Get price 36"x36"  


The 30 MPH rule for candidates and businesses is important for the effectiveness  of a lawn sign campaign. The rule asserts that on roads that have speed limits of 30 MPH or less, a small 'lawn sign' is best. For example, a sign roughly 18"x24" would be about right. But when speeds exceed 30 MPH, then larger lawn signs are needed. In these cases, a minimum of 2'x4' are necessary due to the lack of time for a driver speeding down a road or highway has to see and commit the name to memory.



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Custom signs, Custom Sign,